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Titans365 is Seeking Contributor Content

Titans365 is the home of the DAILY Tennessee Titans fix. We provide supplemental content to the affiliated news sources that are either completely biased or non biased – The best of both worlds. A Blurb a Day, Keeps the Loses Away…and eliminates anxiety caused by overwhelming content choices or lack of consistency. We welcome comments, feedback and contributor content.

Our post topics are broad in nature and left to the imagination of the writer – The only requirement is that they are Tennessee Titan related. Passionate about the draft? Write about it. Want to preview or recap a game? Write about it. Thinking of your favorite Titan experience? Write about it. Tickled to see “tough guy” Taylor Lewan sit down at midfield during a fight? You get the idea.

Titans365 is seeking unique and well-written content. Be yourself…your “PG” rated self while saturating your writing with as much personality as desired. Personally, I write from the heart and often infuse posts with history, optimism (sometimes not) and whimsy. A wacky sense of humor adds to my uniqueness, so I run write with it. Readers may not agree with our views – The goal is to entertain regardless of that. Do you understand or did I lose you along the way? Think professional, yet fun. Be bold. See what I did there with bold? In fairness, you had been warned about my silliness…

The current blueprint is to limit Titans365 to one post per day. This template will require a writing schedule for frequent contributors (staff writers) in order to provide proper coverage. Therefore, dedication is necessary – This may not be ideal for an unpaid writing gig (hobby) squeezed into an overflowing life of responsibility. Trust me, I understand. That said, the act of writing (creating) can be quite fulfilling & this structure provides each post with a full day of exposure atop Titans365. The post a day format, and need for scheduling, may change moving forward if demand dictates an adjustment.

Titans365 is also open to quality one-off posts that will be used to fill holes in the schedule – No commitment required and a great way to get started. This approach will help a writer understand the challenges and allow the Editor to assess the writer’s work.

Speaking of the Editor. That’s me – The sole judge (gatekeeper) of what gets approved and posted. Fear me not if posts are well-written and tone appropriate. That said, there may be a time when feedback or a post denial is applicable. Please do not take it personal…It’s not. The goal is to provide a platform where a writer can post his or her best work for our valued readers. Please further understand that my job as Editor is to put your writing ahead of my own – I will be included in the post scheduling, however.

The Editor Priority Meter

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  2. Writers
  3. Personal Writing

What do you think? Still interested in writing for Titans365? If so, click HERE to fill out & sign our Content Standards agreement and then REGISTER here.

Writer Application Process: Once the writer (you) has completed the two previous steps, Titans365 will adjust the writer’s profile role from Subscriber to Contributor. This will allow the writer (you) to create a post (add new) within WordPress. Write a quality, 300 word (minimum), post of your choice and upload it for approval – It will be approved & posted or the writer will receive additional direction (feedback).

If you enjoy the experience – Write…Post…Repeat as much as desired.

Not into writing, but would like to be involved in some regard? Click the logo below   followed by the mail icon and send us an email.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robby Brayton

Titans365 Editor

A Blurb a Day, Keeps the Loses Away