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Titans Would Be Sharpe to Keep Tajae

Catching posts is an attempt to share some Titans article(s) and/or writer(s)…plus add some of our own thoughts in the process – A discussion of sorts. Free agent wide receivers key to Tennessee Titans trade by Will Lomas of TitanSized and Does Titans receiver Tajae Sharpe have tenuous grasp on roster spot? by Jason Wolf of The Tennessean are spotlighted. Give them a read.

“A year after winning a starting job in training camp, Sharpe may have a difficult time carving out a role in the Titans’ offense” – Jason Wolf

That maybe true for the upcoming season, but Sharpe should be a no brainer for the Titans final roster. Sure, he’s plummeted down the depth chart, but he’s a quality wide receiver that shouldn’t be overlooked – He’ll provide valuable depth in 2017 and has the ability to become a future WR2 or WR3 option if the Titans move away from Rishard Matthews, and now Eric Decker, sooner rather than later. A trio of Corey Davis, Taywan Taylor and Sharpe would be quite formidable.

That said, Lomas is correct – A young and inexpensive wide receiver with considerable upside like Sharpe could bring nice value on the trade market…current injury aside.

Should the Titans Trade Sharpe?

No. Yes. Maybe. It all depends on how the Titans feel about Sharpe and what value the team would receive in return. He is no longer the shiny, new penny of 2016 – His offseason (lack of football) focus (assault lawsuit & rap video), inability to separate (issues as a rookie in 2016), existing foot injury and decreased development opportunities in 2017 (currently team’s WR5) seem to rotate the needle toward yes. Sharpe’s expected progression from year one to year two along with his work ethic, consistency, reliability and upside seemingly tilt the scales toward no. Maybe it all depends on compensation.


Why not look toward the future and see how Sharpe develops in 2017? Keeping Sharpe will give Marcus Mariota and the Titans five stellar wide receiver options. Overkill? Maybe. If Davis and Taylor meet or exceed expectations then Sharpe may end up buried on the depth chart – That same scenario, however, may benefit Sharpe in 2018 if Matthews and Decker are surpassed by this year’s rookie wide receiver class and the Titans decide to reduce payroll by letting one or both of them walk. Keep in mind that Decker was signed to a 1-year contract while Matthews’ $5M per season contract expires after 2018. On the flip side, if Davis and/or Taylor need time to adjust to the NFL, Sharpe could provide valuable minutes.


Don’t pull a ‘sleeping baby’ on the hard-working Sharpe as he just may battle himself into a niche role amongst this group. If the Titans don’t believe that will happen, maybe a trade for some edge rush help, as Lomas suggests, would be beneficial. Personally, my gut says that a backup edge rusher today (unless young with upside, like Sharpe) is not worth a Sharpe wide receiver tomorrow.

Six Points

The Titans should keep six receivers – Matthews, Davis, Decker, Taylor, Sharpe & Eric Weems.


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