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Titans Playoff Optimism Backhanded

Catching posts is an attempt to share our favorite least favorite weekly occasional Titans article(s) and/or writer(s)…plus add some of our own thoughts in the process – A discussion of sorts. This week’s post, Why the Tennessee Titans are Set Up to Finally End Their Lengthy Playoff Drought by Sean Wagner-McGough (Please tell me McGough is pronounced Magoo as in Mr. Magoo the cartoon character known for being a near-sighted buffoon – That would seem so appropriate) of CBS Sports is spotlighted. Give it a read…Or not. Really, I wish I hadn’t.

Cowboy Lover

No offense, but who cares about the Cowboys? The Titans are the Titans and their success and/or failure has nothing to do with anyone else…especially “America’s” team.

“The Titans won’t win as many games or turn into the dominating, unbreakable force the Cowboys were last year” – Sean Wagner-McGough

Says who? (Magoo doesn’t count) Why not? Unbreakable? Again – Only the Titans can decide who/what they become and success has no time constraints. Maybe Tennessee can prove this to Dallas in the upcoming Super Bowl…Assuming the “unbreakable” Cowboys make it that far.

UNBREAKABLE: Getting bounced from the playoffs – Not hoisting the Lombardi Trophy – The unbreakable bond shared between the Cowboys and thirty (30) other teams.

“They (Titans) can, if things break their way, be the AFC’s miniature version of the Cowboys by pounding and taking care of the ball” – Sean Wagner-McGough

Miniature version? That’s like referring to a younger brother as the “little” brother when his nickname is TINY (big & tough). Speaking of big, the Titans goals are loftier than becoming the Cowboys – An “unbreakable” team tossed (34-31) from the playoffs by a Packers team that got “pounded” by the Titans (47-25) in the regular season.

Did the 2016 Cowboys invent the pound & protect philosophy? Wish the press was aware – Prior to the 2016 season, a ton of reporters thought that the Titans’ throw back (pound & protect) approach would never work in today’s pass happy NFL. If only they had known that it was a new fangled, NFL transforming approach already developed…by the 2016 Dallas Cowboys. The hype would have been unreal. Then again doesn’t hype and Cowboys mean the same thing? BTW – The 2016 Titans didn’t invent the philosophy either.

“They’re nowhere close to becoming a Super Bowl contender, a team that can realistically take down the Patriots in the AFC. There’s no denying that.” – Sean Wagner-McGough


  1. Thanks for finally mentioning a team worthy of emulation (Patriots).
  2. Is McGough the great and powerful Wizard of Oz? Not at all great or powerful, but 100% imagination.
  3. Opinions are not statements of fact – “There’s no denying that”.


Heading into the 2016 season most reporters (using the term reporters lightly after reading this article) had the Carolina Panthers making a return visit to the Super Bowl and the Titans maxing out at 5-6 wins.


The Panthers floundered to 6-10 while the Titans improved to 9-7.

Sure, the Patriots may be the closest proximity to a dominant team in the NFL – Weren’t the Rams as dominant when the Patriots knocked them off in SBXXXVI? The “opinion” was that the 14 point favorite, 14-2, St. Louis Rams would dominate the 11-5 New England Patriots. The Patriots won 20-17. That’s a “fact”. Feel free to fact check if you understand the concept. See the difference?

Too much? Did I go overboard with my tirade? Probably so, but Mr. Magoo, err McGough deserves a taste of his own medicine – It should contort his face a little. My apologies to any fans (Cowboys, Packers, Titans, Patriots, readers, etc.) that were insulted in the process – There was no ill intent, just attempting to make a point in the McGough/CBS Sports(?) chosen style or reporting.

It appears as if the article may have gone on to provide a few examples as to why the Titans will make the 2017 playoffs – I wouldn’t know as I stopped reading after a few too many “backhanded” compliments(?). I completely understand the desire to make the comparison, the intent behind it and the value that varying opinions bring, but the execution of what was (possibly?) meant to be a Titan “positive” article from a supposedly reputable source (CBS Sports, not Mr. Magoo) was overly condescending.

PS – NFL Fans Outside of Tennessee

Something special is happening in Nashville.


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