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Is Marcus Mariota the Best Quarterback in Franchise History?

Yes. Too soon? Maybe, but my opinion has been, and will continue to be that he is/will be the best quarterback that the Titan franchise has ever produced. Easy to say as a Titan homer? Not really. Having been a huge fan of Warren Moon and Steve McNair before him. The NFL Top 100 recently decided to rank Marcus Mariota at #50 (too low) – Now seemed like the right time to review his place in Titans QB history.

Let’s allow his stats to do the talking – Keep in mind that he has played only two NFL seasons (27 games) and that the franchise has been in existence since 1960.

Touchdown Passes

#5 All-Time with 45 – He’ll remain at #5 after the 2017 season as the next closest quarterback is Dan Pastorini with 96. Mariota could, however, surpass Pastorini (125 games) by the end of 2018. If so, that would equate to reaching the mark in less than half the time. Whoa!

Touchdown Percentage

#3 All-Time with 5.5% (minimum of 33 attempts) – Mariota will have to increase his TD% to 6.0 to surpass George Blanda at #2. Impossible? Not with such stellar numbers so early in his career.

Passing Yards

#7 All-Time with 6,244 – Mariota will rocket past Kerry Collins (43 games) and Vince Young (54 games) into fifth place with 1,855 yards passing in 2017. He’ll hit that figure around mid season if he remains healthy.

Passing Yards/Game

#2 All-Time with 231.3 – He’ll need to improve to 240.0 to knock Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon to #2 all-time. Great numbers for a young QB in a run first offense.


#7 All-Time with 506 – Mariota will overcome Collins and Young for fifth place with 184 more completions.

Completion Percentage

#4 All-Time with 61.6% – (minimum of 15 attempts) – Creeping up to 62.0% would place Mariota in a tie with Ryan Fitzpatrick and leap frog him ahead of Ken Stabler (61.7%) and Matt Hasselbeck (61.8%). With increased experience and improved offensive weapons, Mariota could surpass each next season.

Interception Percentage

#1 All-Time with 2.3% (minimum of 186 attempts) – Slinger Billy Volek (2.5%) ranks second. This one somewhat boggles the mind. A “ball security” category where a young, “inexperienced” QB leads the pack and a QB with a tendency to air it out is right on his heels.


#1 All-Time with 93.8 (minimum of 15 attempts) – Clipboard Jesus (Charlie Whitehurst) ranks #2 with 87.4. In comparison to Whitehurst, Mariota must be Moses as he appears to be walking on water.

Is Marcus Mariota the best quarterback in franchise history? No matter the opinion on his development or place amongst current NFL players & quarterbacks, his quick ascent up the franchise record books cannot be denied. He is on track to be one of, if not the best quarterback in franchise history. All he needs now is the compilation of stats and Super Bowl victories to eliminate all doubt.


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