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Titans Have Two WR1 Options

Will the Titans draft one of the top three wide receivers in the draft? If so, will it be John Ross, Corey Davis or Mike Williams?

If the Titans draft a first round wide receiver, they need to target an NFL WR1. There are two such players available in the upcoming draft – Corey Davis of Western Michigan and Mike Williams of Clemson.

All offseason, Davis has topped my wide receiver board – Davis (1a), Williams (1b) and John Ross (3) of Washington. Just like Weebles (Hasbro toy from the 70’s), I have wobbled from that assessment.

Mike Williams (1a)

Williams (6’4” 218) is the definitive WR1 type who minimizes risk at the top end of the draft. He delivered, often dominated, against top end collegiate competition. Although he makes plays while catching everything, there has been concern about his ability to separate at the NFL level. A Clemson pro day consisting of 4.50 and 4.49 40-yard dash times should ease some minds – DeAndre Hopkins (4.57) and Dez Bryant (4.52) ran slower times coming out of college. Williams will never be the shifty burner type, but he can use his size, body control and ability to win jump balls to become an NFL QB maker and opponent breaker.

“The Mike Williams Rule – If there’s only one [defender] on him, he’s wide open” – Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney

Corey Davis (1b)

Davis (6’3” 209) also dominated opponents, including quality competition, during his collegiate career. Sure, some of it was against “lesser” competition, but he played extensively over four years and gained invaluable experience. He, like Williams, offers the entire package. Why the recent downgrade? Despite being more explosive than Williams, Davis also struggled somewhat from uncovering (inaccurate routes) and dropped balls – He could use a tad more development, which adds some additional risk.

Source: CBS Sports & Draft Breakdown

John Ross (3)

Ross (5’11” 188) is also considered a first round talent. He is similar to Brandin Cooks who the Titans attempted to trade for earlier this offseason – Just smaller in stature with durability concerns. Despite solid hands and route running, his future will be dependent on his speed. Fortunately for him, he has plenty to burn. His pro career could emulate that of Cooks, T.Y. Hilton, Sean Jackson or Kendall Wright – All productive pros that serve a purpose. If the Titans select him later in the first round, take comfort in the fact that his blazing speed will tear the top off of opposing defenses and open up opportunities for other players, but also understand that he may never become a dominate NFL WR1.

None of these three guys should be selected with pick number 5, but if Davis and Williams are available a bit later (pick 10+) with the Titans on the clock, feel free to flip a coin – They’re that close in talent and both deserving of the selection. Can you imagine one of these two beasts in Tennessee’s offense?


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