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Will Quiet Period Produce Quite a Free Agent Haul?

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house not a creature was stirring, not even a…Titans GM. What the ????, happens to be a popular response amongst Titan fans on the eve of the free agent signing period. If questioning the results is the question, what’s the answer? RELAX. Trust that Jon Robinson is working.

“The Good” J-Rob

In control of the Titans’ fate for slightly over a year (January 14, 2016) now, Robinson has gained a sensational reputation as a shrewd talent evaluator and deal maker. – He’s proven himself already. Relax.

“The Bad” J-Rob

Robinson is the type of person who keeps things close to the vest. He’s not a GM who will leak information…unless it benefits the team. If a tree deal falls is agreed upon in the woods behind close doors, does it make a sound not result in a signing? Things are happening. Relax.

Free Agent Talent Gone

The only “possibly” already signed player that causes any semblance of regret is Calais Campbell. Why? There’s no one else in the free agent market that can provide the same impact as a 3-4 defensive end. Sure, some quality players have been signed by other teams, but no one so unique that the Titans can’t replace them with someone of equal talent…at a better value. Relax.

Free Agent Talent Left

Where to begin? There are a ton of available players that can severly upgrade the Tennessee roster. If the Titans miss on a player or two, there is also something called the NFL draft where the Titans can maneuver to find the best young players available to fill the missing need(s). Robinson is not afraid to maneuver. Relax.

Also remember that Robinson has a tendency to keep things on the down low. Maybe there’s a reason why there hasn’t been much chatter about A.J. Bouye, Logan Ryan, Brandin Cooks, Terrelle Pryor and Dont’a Hightower – Hightower’s visit to Nashville has caused quite a stir, however. Ever hear of the quiet before the storm? Relax. 

Will Robinson and the Titans sign a few big name free agents? Maybe, maybe not – They will, however, find a way to improve upon the roster…so relax already.

False Reports

Hey knuckleheads! Stop with the fake accounts, rumors, and false “confirmed source” reports. Sure, quite a few of us take this NFL football stuff a tad too serious at times, but there has to be better things to do with your time than clogging down social media with 100% drivel.

Titan fans looking for answers – Don’t believe a word unless it comes from a reputable NFL source. Then only believe 21.84% until an official NFL transaction has transpired. This is rumor season and yet another reason to…relax.

Tomorrow (or today for some of you) is going to be a big day, so kick off your shoes and relax. Remember that nothing is official…until it is…


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