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Titans Prove Mr. Counterpoint Wrong(?)

Prior to the start of the 2016 season, Titans365 did a quick Mr. Counterpoint: Rob vs. Rob video segment asking the question – Will the Titans Make the Playoffs? The title alone should dictate the winner (and loser) of the debate, but a discussion of the details is in order prior to conceding the outcome – It’s not as clear cut as the title suggests.

Mr. Counterpoint: Rob vs. Rob – Will the Titans Make the Playoffs?

In part one of the three part segment, Rob 2 (Robert Palmer) listed “numbers” as the reasons why the Titans would not make the playoffs. Yes, it’s okay to dislike him based on only his desire to root against the Titans. He referenced three numbers as proof for his reasoning.

  • ONE – The number of 100 yard rushing games by DeMarco Murray during the 2015 season. Rob 2’s assessment was that Murray would not rebound and that the Titans running game would be WEAK! Watch the video…He did, in fact, emphasized weak. How dare he…

In 2016, DeMarco Murray had 5 games with at least 100 yards rushing. He led the AFC in rushing with 1,287 yards and was elected to the 2017 Pro Bowl. Derrick Henry contributed an additional 490 yards for the NFL’s 3rd best rushing attack at 136.7 Y/G.

The Titans running game was much closer to Rob 1’s (Robby Brayton) “pounding the snot out of opponents” than Rob 2’s “weak” statement. Point 1 to Rob 1. HOORAY!

  • 15% – The odds of the Titans making the playoffs. Rob 2 compared the Titans to the 49ers & Browns while siding heavily with the bookies. Rob 2 – It’s only considered gambling when you defy the odds, you bandwagon better, you.

The straight forward facts of missing the playoffs side with Rob 2 and the odds makers. BOO! HISS! That said, the Titans won enough games to win their division and make the playoffs – They just happened to lose the wrong games. Late in the season, the Titans were also favored to win the division and therefore make the playoffs. Those fickle little odds makers – If they could change the odds then, shouldn’t I be able to change my answer now? My opinion is that while the results of the odds were correct (no playoffs), the odds themselves (15% & adjusted throughout) were not. Tie goes to the writer of the article.

  • THREE – The number of wins that the Titans had in 2015. Rob 2 stated that 8-8 could possibly happen, but would be tough – Way to step out on a limb with your steadfast convictions, Rob 2. Rob 1 predicted (DRATS!) that the Titans would go 10-6 and sneak into the playoffs. He was correct in regards to what was needed, but not with the results. Rob 1, decided not to skirt the issue, like some other guy named Rob (2), and also predicted the Titans low end record at 8-8. The Titans finished 9-7 – Smack dab in the middle of Rob 1’s prediction of 8-8 & 10-6. That conviction and pin point accuracy gets the nod over 8-8…Maybe. Rob 1 earns the point. YIPPEE!

Round one goes to Rob 1.

*No Rob 2’s were injured during the writing of this post. (Rob 2 is the best of pals – Much love and respect despite the “for fun” bashing above)

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  1. Rob 2 here. I admit – I was off base on some of my predictions. The running game was not weak and I underestimated the number of wins by 1. That said, I also predicted the WRs would be a problem, as would coaching. The Titans finished 25th in the league in receiving, and you said they didn’t win the games they needed to win which a good coach does. In any case, I don’t dislike the Titans at all and was pulling for them to make the playoffs – prediction be damned. We’ll see what they do in the offseason now. Unlike last season I’ll be paying attention. Thanks for letting me be the ‘other’, better-looking Rob.

  2. Hey Rob 2 – Getting a bit ahead of things…Part 2 and 3 are to follow. Not today, but in the near future.

    I thought it was a fun little segment and was just busting your chops to add some entertainment value to a less than factual/traditional football post. You did a great job – Much better than your Arizona Cardinals.

    Comment corrections: 1. Believe I said that the Titans won the wrong games, not the ones they needed. Both true, but… 2. You are “the one and only’, not the ‘other’ Rob. 3. I’ll let the better-looking comment slide as it was the only shot you fired across the bows.

    Thanks for your involvement and for being such a good sport.


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