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Titans Waive Perrish Cox & Promote Kalan Reed

Time to weigh in on the cornerback situation…again. Probably not much of a surprise, but the play of Valentino Blake, Brice McCain and Perrish Cox has been criticized with regularity at Titans365. Although the promotion of Kalan Reed was appropriate, the Titans should have kept and sat Cox instead of releasing him.

Cox Release

With all the issues Cox has had this season, he is still a better coverage option than Blake who is a liability across the board. His salary ($5M) and lack of special teams ability may have played a part in the decision, but a defense with Cox & Reed (as backups) would seemingly trump one with Reed & Blake (as backups). That said, it was time to make a move.

Week 13

The Titans will have their own plan regarding the CB rotation against Denver, but Jason McCourty with LeShaun Sims on the outside and McCain in the slot (Reed as primary backup) is my preference. Do I not get a vote? Okay, but as soon as Blake gets scorched, I am changing his last name to Burnt…Valentino Burnt. Am I picking on Blake again? Yes – None of the other cornerbacks are playing well either, but Sims is a rookie with upside while Blake is short-term non-solution…

Kalan Reed

Reed’s promotion is long over due. He should have started the season on the 53-man roster. He provides athleticism, aggressiveness and amazing ball skills – Characteristics missing from this CB unit. Reed has a knack for getting his hands on balls and closing quickly. His lack of game speed and aggressive nature may occasionally get him in trouble, but opponents will have to earn receptions against him.

Pre-Draft Reed

Reed was often considered a sleeper in the 2016 draft. Pro Football Focus (PFF) loved his measurables – Ranking him as the 68th best player partially due to having the 3rd highest cover grade in the draft. Sam Monson (PFF) was one of Reed’s biggest fans, while Justin Higdon (PFF) had him ranked as the 4th best CB and Johan Tuls in his top 100. Reed’s play was often downgraded due to the small school lack of competition theory, but he faired well against the likes of Alabama’s Amari Cooper.

Although Reed was the last player selected in the 1026 draft, his skills would suggest that he is anything other than Mr. Irrelevant.

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