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Which 2016 Titan Draft Choices Make Biggest Impact?

The list of the biggest 2016 impacts continues with a back up at number six.

  1. Sebastian Tretola OG – 6th Round Selection – Projection: Back Up

Tretola is raw. He needs to improve his footwork and pass protection, but has been steadily improving and getting noticed more each day. He has the perfect attitude. All he does is bust his tail and believe that he will become a starter one day. He’ll need to be near perfect for the remainder of the preseason to have a “chance” (as in Warmack) this year, but may become the eventual starter at RG next year. Tretola is the type of dude that shouldn’t be doubted – he has enough drive & gumption to get ‘er done. Regardless, Tretola provides quality depth and is an injury away from knocking heads. He backs up at left guard in 2016.


  1. LeShaun Sims CB – 5th Round Selection – Projection: Depth

Sims is currently higher up the depth chart than Reed, although we haven’t seen much of either. The top three starters are set, but have yet to play together all offseason…this week will be no different. He is a work in progress, but has ideal size, plays a position of need and contributes on special teams. Sims provides depth at corner back in 2016.

  1. Austin Johnson NT – 2nd Round Selection – Projection: Depth

When drafted, Johnson, along with Conklin, was my choice to start as a rookie. Disappointed that he hasn’t lived up to his talent and potential yet. 2nd round draft choices need to contribute – he may do so before the season is over, but playing on a deep defensive line will not do him any favors. Johnson provides depth at nose tackle & defensive end in 2016.

Practice Squad

  1. Kalen Reed CB – 7th Round Selection – Projection: Practice Squad

Mr. Irrelevant is just that at the moment. The Titans have numbers at his position and guys like Antwon Blake and B.W. Webb in front of him on the depth chart. In an ideal world, he would beat those two out and provide quality depth at slot CB and on special teams. Unfortunately, he currently appears to be on the outside looking in.

If the Titans attempt to sneak him onto the practice squad, someone will snatch him up as soon as his pinky toe dips into the waiver wire pool. Personally, I would release players with average talent (Blake, Webb, Douglas and McCluster) to open up spots for a couple of deserving kids with similar production and higher upside. Then only go the practice squad route with Reed or Wallace (below) if the waiver wire offers a significant upgrade in talent. Unfortunately, Reed is a practice squad candidate in 2016.

  1. Aaron Wallace OLB – 7th Round Selection – Projection: Practice Squad

See Reed (above) regarding depth and roster spot. Had he not been injured and missed so much time, his versatility to play both ILB and OLB probably lands him a gig with the Titans…and number six on this list. That said, there are currently nine, maybe ten, LB’s in front of him. He’ll play Saturday, so a H-U-G-E game in front of his Cali family gets him headed in the right direction and possibly noticed. Unfortunately, Wallace is a practice squad candidate in 2016.


Last year, each one of these guys sticks on the roster and makes a huge contribution as the injuries stack up. This year, for some, it may prove to be a year too late.

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